Earnestine Camp

A lifetime of feeding children

 Earnestine Camp has been actively involved with school food service programs for over sixty years since she began teaching Home Economics at Yellville-Summit High School in Yellville, Arkansas, in 1942. In addition to teaching, she directed the school lunch program there from 1943 to 1951. She was an Area Supervisor in the School Food Service Section of the Arkansas Department of Education from 1953 – 1987. She served as Southwest Regional Director for the American School Food Service Association. Ms. Camp coordinated membership for the Arkansas School Food Service Association from 1986 – 1999. Since 1999 she has been active with the Association’s Foundation Program. The Arkansas School Food Service Association established the Earnestine Camp Manager’s Award and Ms. Camp has also been named a life member of both the American School Food Service Association and the Arkansas School Food Service Association. Sadly, Ms. Camp passed away on December 6, 2012.


Earnestine Camp Scholarship Award Application

Earnestine's Prayer


Good Morning Lord! I just arrived in Heaven’s Glory Land.

I’m fresh and renewed and I can’t wait to lend a helping hand!

Dear Lord, if it’s alright with you, I have a group in mind,

Whom I have worked with over the years and now have left behind.

I have guided them for many years as my life’s work and passion.

And with your help, I would really like to continue my mission.

They are a wonderful bunch of ladies and gents with hearts as good as gold!

They tirelessly work to love and nurture “the least of these” in your fold.

It’s the children I’m speaking of that they work so hard to feed

And help them grow up healthy and the best they can be.

Their efforts sometimes go unnoticed, and rewards are often few

But they continue doing the work that only they can do,

To nourish the bodies, minds and hearts of children as they come

Seeking a smile with their meal, the best of the day for some.

I would just like to be there Lord, to encourage this faithful bunch,

And let them know Heaven hasn’t forgotten the love they serve with lunch.

So Dear Lord when you’re assigning tasks, please remember me.

A “Child Nutrition” Angel is what I really want to be!

Thank You ICN - Child Nutrition Archives



In 2003 the United States Congress provided funds to establish the Child Nutrition Archives at the Institute of Child Nutrition located at The University of Mississippi in Oxford. The Mission of the Child Nutrition Archives is to collect, preserve, and make available to researchers, collections concerning the federally assisted child nutrition programs. These collections are composed of a variety of media including print and audiovisual materials, as well as public and private papers. Items in the collections include correspondence; photographs; menu offerings (regional or by state); posters; early textbooks related to child nutrition programs; food service training materials; newspaper and magazine clippings; personal stories from child nutrition professionals; transcriptions of hearings, especially at the state level; and artifacts such as tickets, tokens, and school food service collectibles.

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